Hi, I’m Aike. I’m a freelance software developer from the Netherlands. These days I build web applications with Ruby on Rails. Before that I was a Linux server administrator.

When I was a sysadmin I sometimes wrote tutorials, I liked doing that. I recently noticed that a there are a lot of blogs about Ruby on Rails development but few about the challenges of running Rails in production. Setting up servers, monitoring, backups, etc.

I’ve started this blog to address that. Let me know if I missed something or you want me to write about something. You can DM me on Twitter or mail me at aike@runrails.com.

This blog has it’s own twitter feed @runrails, that tweets when I post something new and when I see something interesting in the news. My personal twitter is @aikedejongste, that includes most tweets from @runrails. Follow me and say hi 🙂

When I have something really interesting to share I publish a newsletter which you can sign up for with the form in the sidebar.